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Fisheries Management Fee

The fisheries management fee is required if you are 18-64 years of age and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing. The fisheries management fee entitles you to fish in nearly the entire country using one rod. In some cases, however, anglers will require the permission of the owner of a given water area. Proceeds from the fisheries management fee are used to manage fishing waters and fish stocks as well as monitor fishing activity and provide advice to anglers. The fisheries management fee is based on the Fishing Act. For additional information, please send email at or call the service number at +358 (0)20 69 2424.




The fisheries management fee is required if you are 18-64 years of age and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing.  

Payment of the fisheries management fee is not required if you are ice fishing, hook and line fishing or fishing with a simple herring rig. However, it is still possible to pay the fisheries management fee also in these cases, as an investment in nature.


The fisheries management fee entitles angler to fish with one rod nearly everywhere in Finland as well as in public sea areas owned by the state. Angling with more than one rod and trap fishing require a fishing permit for a specific water area in addition to payment of the fisheries management fee. These are sold by the owner of the water area, such as Metsähallitus for state-owned waters.

There are restrictions in protected water areas, special destinations that require separate permits or in rapids and running waters with migratory fish stocks. The website contains a map showing all the no-fishing zones and restricted areas (in Finnish and Swedish).

The fisheries management fee does not entitle the angler to fish in Åland.


Metsähallitus forwards proceeds from payments to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry every month. The proceeds are used to maintain fishing opportunities and manage natural water environments.

The proceeds are allocated to fisheries areas for: planning the sustainable development and management of fish stocks; paying compensation to water area owners for the use of their water for fishing; organisation advisory services and monitoring of fishing activity; and various actors’ projects, which aim to improve fish habitats.


45 €/year
15 €/week
6 €/day

The fisheries management fee always applies to calendar days and years, but the period of validity for a weekly payment may begin on the desired day of the week. The prices are regulated by Parliament under the Fishing Act.


The fisheries management fee is an individual fee, but it may also be paid on someone else’s behalf. The permit holder’s name, contact details and date of birth (not the personal identification number) must appear on the permit. Metsähallitus maintains the fisheries management fee register.

The payment receipt is proof that the fisheries management fee has been paid. Anglers must keep the receipt with them while fishing and present it in paper, plastic or electronic form to the authorities or fishing inspector upon request. A fishing permit is also proof of payment of the fisheries management fee. It is sent along with a Suomu magazine to all payers of the fisheries management fee to a permanent address in Finland.  

If an angler does not have the payment receipt with them, they will be ordered to go to a police station within seven days in order to present the receipt that was valid at the time of fishing.


Local licence

You can buy from a Fishing Shop, Gas Station, Camping, Hotel etc. and from the owner of the fishing rights of the water.


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